You may have heard the term Healing Crisis as you’ve been learning about health. Understanding this is vital to your journey to Wellville as we are programmed to believe that once we change our diet, we should feel better. And you will for the first 2 to 3 days, but very often you will get a Healing Crisis.

What is it?

As toxins in the form of acids (remember, there are only two sides to chemistry) make their way out of the body, you’re going to feel unique experiences in the form of:

Aches and pains
Cold and flu-like symptoms
Pains from old injuries seemingly re-emerge
Charged emotions
Skin issues
Old memories

These usually last no longer than two to five days and are nothing to worry about. That said, it is extremely important you’re mindful of what is happening because this is when you are at your weakest. By that I mean your conditioning will kick in and this applies sometimes even to the most experienced in detoxification. You may feel a slight pain and your first thought will be on how to stop it.

Having said this, the reason why Dr. Morse refers to Detoxification as an art is because sometimes you may need to ’slow it down’. You’ll do this only when you are in so much discomfort that you can’t cope or it’s too stressful. Aside from that, it is recommended you ‘keep going’ and ‘push through’ if you are able to.

To slow a detox down you simply can start eating more salads or have some steamed vegetables. Slowing a detox down means you will ‘feel’ better but don’t mistaken this by blaming the problem on fruits. When acids start moving and coming out, it may not be pleasant, but you definitely want them out. Remember:

“Fruits reveal your weaknesses”

This all being said, there isn’t a problem doing something to assist any discomfort you may have to ease the journey. For example, Dr. Morse’s Ultimate Salve is known among the community to really help.

If you find you have severe cravings, go for the Parasite M tincture but remember the golden rule, always support your kidneys during a detox. Something like Kidneys & Bladder 1 is a great formula to work with and there are others to choose from. Having a consultation with a Certified Practitioner is always a good idea if you are very serious about your health.

Of course, if you experience any severe symptom that is causing you a lot of concern, do contact your Health Professional immediately.

So remember, an old pain returning or cold and flu-like symptoms are extremely common during detoxification. A Healing Crisis should be welcomed as you’re actually saying goodbye to your ill-health. Learn to enjoy them because they are a sign your body is healing and Wellville is your next stop!

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