Are your products irradiated, or won’t x-rays and scans during shipping damage their efficacy?

None of our products are irradiated at any time prior to us shipping them. They are not irradiated during production and are delivered to us by freight (driven on a truck, not flown on a plane).

USPS only irradiates packages to the White House, Congressional Building and other government offices in a certain zip code range in Washington DC.

UPS irradiates anything that goes on a plane. Ground shipments are not irradiated.

The x-ray scanners used by all carriers are not enough to damage the integrity of organic products.

It is uncertain whether packages are irradiated at borders, this will vary by customs office. If this is a concern, we recommend international members call their local customs office and inquire about their policies.

We cannot say for sure whether the amount of radiation from an x-ray is enough to degrade the herbs-we’re not sure if anyone can answer that with absolute certainty.

However, we frequently ship products of all types (tinctures, capsules and teas/powders) to members via UPS Next Day Air or UPS 2 Day, and have never had anyone complain about the efficacy of the herbs.

So it would appear that the x-rays used for air shipments are not enough to negatively affect them, at least not as far as we have seen.

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