I noticed that there are 6 different GI Renew formulas. How do I know which one is right for me and how many to take?

The standard dose is two capsules three times per day. However, this should be altered based on your personal needs.

The goal is one well-formed bowel movement within 20 minutes to an hour after each meal. If you are going more or less than this, adjust the bowel formula until you reach this goal. To choose which bowel formula is best, determine your current bowel habits:

GI Renew #0 is for excessive movements and diarrhea-type stools.

GI Renew #1 is for loose stools and those who have 3 or more movements a day.

GI Renew #2 is for one bowel movement a day, or someone who misses a day once in awhile.

GI Renew #3 is for someone whose bowels move every other day to every 3rd day.

GI Renew #4 is for someone whose bowels move every third day or so.

GI Renew #5 is for someone whose bowels are not moving much at all and needs a big boost to get going.

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