What is the difference between tinctures, glycerin and capsules? Is one form more effective than another?

Any herbalist will tell you that a tincture is the most potent form of an herbal preparation you can get. However in our experience, the capsules and glycerin formulas have proven to be just as effective (if not more so!).

There is some difference in the way the body will absorb and metabolize the herbs in different forms—alcohol metabolizes directly from the stomach so you feel it’s effects almost instantly.

Capsules pass through the digestive system and therefore take a bit longer to take effect. A few of our formulas are designed to target specific areas so they are only available in the optimal form for that goal (the Spasm Calm, for example, is only available in tincture form because you do not want to wait 20 minutes for absorption!).

But for the most part, choosing which form of a formula to use is simply a matter of preference and what will help you be most consistent with taking your herbs.

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